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Etymologically, understood, Shiv means infinite and Yog means union. So Shiv Yog implies union with the infinite. But what is infinite and what is union? This is exactly the raison d'être or reason for existence of its leading light, Father of Indian Healing Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji. The powerhouse of wisdom that he is, Baba ji says it is wrong to suggest that God can be realized only through mortification and total renunciation. Of course that way exists, but there is also the other way which the sagacious saints and pragmatic Siddhas understood and which is most suited to the contemporary times. This way involves striking a fine balance between worldly duties and inner obligations to your own self. None is performed at the expense of the other. What's more, this manner of evolution was also that taken by Lord Shiva himself and ensures most gains with least effort.

A worldly man has the best compass to routinely assess his spiritual growth – his family. Because sitting alone in caves, anyone can claim to have mastered the vices of ego, anger, greed, jealousy, one-upmanship etc. Sitting alone he can also say that the lures of the world lo longer attract him. It is only when...

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