ShivYog Science is the science of ancient Indian masters who were powerful healers knowing the deeper secrets of life’s well being. Babaji, from the same lineage, today brings these ancient practices into the modern world. home-sbs1

Babaji states that if these ancient modalities are combined with the modern science, it would easily fill up the gaps and challenges that modern medicine faces today despite it’s advancement in discoveries and research. ShivYog healing focusses more towards eradicating the root cause of the disease rather than the scientific approach of symptomatic relief. Science has today accepted what Babaji has been talking for more than a decade now as what Babaji said was documented both clinically, in clinical studies and in the presence of the doctors. Today, ShivYog healing is being practised in all walks of life to achieve a 200% complete life – 100% spiritual & 100% worldly. You are most welcome to learn more about this science and help yourself and the world at large.

Shiv Yog is not associated with any religion – as Shiv represents the Supreme or God consciousness and Yog means “to merge”. Thus, ShivYog is the process of merging and becoming one with the Divine Consciousness – the journey from man to God, Nar se Narayan.

The ShivYog philosophy states that excellent health, loving family relationships & prosperity are the  birthrights of every human being & utmost effort must be made to claim these birthrights.

Baba ji puts this contemporary reality in figures by stating that the modern man is using only 4% of his overall potential and that mind power is only the tip of this potential. Take into account the magnitude of progress in every sphere of life that man has achieved, using only 4% of his potential and you get the true picture of how much more can be accomplished if the remaining 96% is exercised.

Baba ji imparts training in Shiv Yog healing modalities which involve working on and honing the physical and subtle part of a human being so that he can live a stress-free, healthy and happy life which is holistic and ‘wholistic’. A life which is complete in every way.

It is time that we stake claim to what has been ours for the taking and which can lead us to the path of absolute living with an eternally happy frame of mind.

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After more than a decade of Babaji teaching the sacred secrets and science of root cure of all sicknesses and challenges of life, Babaji turned His focus towards the most neglected field – agriculture and the farmers.home-agri1

In every free event that ShivYog team organized for the farmers, thousands of farmers, as large as crowd of 25000 gathered to receive the gift of ShivYog healing through which they could now bring a revolution in the crop they grew without using harmful pesticides and fertilizers, thus bringing a healthy change in the quantity and quality of crops as well as improving their own health and receiving relief from addictions. More than anything, the crops, fruits and vegetables produced through ShivYog healing has been documented to have regained it’s natural properties, making it safe for consumers. Thousands of agriculturists and researchers have joined hands to reach this out to the most deserving farmers. You are most welcome to join hands.

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