Shiv Yog, literally understood, means merging with infinite.

The Shiv Yog philosophy states that excellent health, loving family relationships & prosperity are the  birthrights of every human being & utmost effort must be made to claim these birthrights.

The teachings of Shiv Yog, which primarily centre around a practical curriculum of easy to perform holistic meditative processes, are facilitators for claiming these birthrights.

Baba ji, has relentlessly endeavoured to enlighten the lives of millions around the globe by guiding them towards the Shiv Yog way of life which promotes a living which is healthy, whole and complete.

The current world set up is bent towards an existence which is highly dependent on the left brain that corresponds to only the rationale or logical side of things. The right brain, corresponding to creativity, visualization and extra sensory perception is largely unused despite the fact that there are clearly ways to activate by raising of the consciousness.

Baba ji puts this contemporary reality in figures by stating that the modern man is using only 4% of his overall potential and that mind power is only the tip of this potential. Take into account the magnitude of progress in every sphere of life that man has achieved, using only 4% of his potential and you get the true picture of how much more can be accomplished if the remaining 96% is exercised.

That is what is the overriding idea of Baba ji’s vision – to help every person explore the unexplored potential in him so that he can experience the best of the best in every facet of life – health to prosperity. And Baba ji holds that man does not need to go too far to seek this internal uncharted territory to make his life fruitful. It is all part of the wisdom which belongs to our ancestors. Shiv Yog is is our glorious heritage which we seem to have forgotten, adds Baba ji who has nurtured the ‘holy and wholly’ concept through powerful Shiv Yog processes.

Baba ji imparts training in Shiv Yog healing modalities which involve working on and honing the physical and subtle part of a human being so that he can live a stress-free, healthy and happy life which is holistic and ‘wholistic’. A life which is complete in every way.

It is time that we stake claim to what has been ours for the taking and which can lead us to the path of absolute living with an eternally happy frame of mind – our healing heritage – SHIV YOG.

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