with Ishan Shivanand

The young and talented Ishan Shivanand made a new breakthrough by breaking through the inhibitions of the young crowd that gathered in Mauritius for the special program hosted with free entry for the youth “THE SCIENCE OF SUCCESS”. Having a wide mastery as an efficient speaker and motivator to help bring life transformations among the masses throughout various countries like USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Austria, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, and Kenya, he began the first move to bring a positive change in the life of the youth in Mauritius.
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Want to heal yourself completely for an overall life transformation?

ShivYog Healing & Meditation Programs are powerful training programs that are conducted using the voice and divine intent of Baba ji. Through these programs the Ancient Healing Master imparts initiation and wisdom in the 3-day event focused on Siddha Healing. The vision of the Master is to provide all the sacred wisdom of the Ancient Masters to make human lives healthy, purposeful and complete.

There are few powerful shivirs of Babaji that He has intended be provided in the Healing & Meditation Programs that contain all the essentials of sharing the divine wisdom and grace, including meditations, sankirtans, kriyas, discourse and the initiations. Above everything, will be the subtle presence of the Guru and the Gurumandala that will facilitate the entire process.

Jasbir ji who attended the ShivYog Healing & Meditation Program in Houston, USA, had been suffering from numbness of her right leg for many months. After the 2nd session of the third day program, she began experiencing vibrations in the numbed leg and she noticed her stiff leg coming to life which she happily walked over to share the experience with everyone.