About Shiv Yog Events

About Shivyog Events

Shiv represents the Supreme Consciousness and Yog represents union. ShivYog thus is the state of being merged with the infinite consciousness. To know more about healing the mind, body & soul and about life transformation solutions visit this website’s pages. The founder of ShivYog is Dr. Avdhoot  Shivanand is the Master of Ancient Indian Healing, who is currently sharing the sacred secrets of healing for overall life transformation.

Know More About Shiv Yog Programs

A. Shivyog Introductory Programs

Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand discovered these 700 celestial sounds which bestow those who chant them with tremendous power and clear guidance for achieving health, wealth and happiness.

This ancient yogic practice helps one to release the stored up energy of one’s reactions to life’s events and incidents. One is then free to create a new future.

This is the first introduction to Shiv Yog’s ancient healing modalities. This program will initiate you into a healing process that helps you achieve physical and emotional health and well-being.

This program takes healing to the next level by tapping into the powerful healing energy of the Sun. It brings tremendous radiance and brilliance to one’s countenance and a greater control over one’s physical and emotional health.

B. Yoga of Inner Consciousness – Advanced Programs

As you release more of the stored up psychic impressions, the more capacity you have to absorb cosmic energy. The more the cosmic energy you have available to you, the more you are able to achieve life’s goals.

When the 700 celestial sounds are combined with the Sri Vidya cosmic sounds, the combined power is tremendous. One has to experience to believe it.

Sri Vidya is the science of wealth – spiritual and material wealth. This is the greatest of all spiritual practices known to us and helps us rapidly release our psychic impressions while filling us up with tremendous cosmic energy. This is the science of materialization and goal manifestation in higher dimensions.

C. Yoga of Self-Realization – Intensive Programs

Intensive Prati Prasav is an intensive process of deeply healing psychic impressions stored in our energy centers (called Chakras in Sanskrit) and our  subtle bodies. It prepares us for higher spiritual processes.

Self-realization is the process of discovering one’s true identity and achieving a level of pure perception that allows us to see the world as it is. Yoga Vashistha says,”You do not see the world the way it is, you see the world the way you are.” A self-realized person sees himself one with the universe and the world around him.

In contrast to the yoga that is now popular all over the world, there is a yoga – a purer form of yoga that can bestow a true practitioner with a lot of physical and mental powers. It sets him on the path of self-realization.

The masters of the Shiv Yog lineage have much to teach the world – they have hundreds of higher spiritual practices which they teach only to those who become eligible by significantly raising their level of consciousness.

D. Special Programs

Cosmic Farming is the process of merging planetary or Earth energies with the powerful cosmic energy from the Sun. This helps to transmute the soil, water and air that has turned poisonous due to chemical based farming. The result is a great yield of nutrient rich food filled with life-force energy.

Cosmic medicine is the new age medical science based on ancient yogic practices from India. It is a process of raising the vibrational frequency of one’s body and mind to achieve perfect physical and mental health. To learn more visit https://cureispossible.org

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