“Shiv” or “Shiva” refers to the infinite dimension, the infinite universe and “Yog” means “union.” So, Shiv Yog is the process of connecting or merging with the infinite. Shiv Yog connects a human being to the very source of creation. It is a journey from Shiv Yog Mindfulness to the Yoga of Inner Consciousness to the Yoga of self-realization. It starts with peace and tranquility and takes you all the way to cosmic consciousness. To learn how to become the master of your own life and destiny, we invite you to attend a Shiv Yog INTRO program at a location nearest to you or join the nearest Shiv Yog forum.

Shiv Yog meditation is a potent, powerful tool to calm your mind and bring an all-pervading sense of peace into your life. It takes you from a state of unease to a state of quiet mindfulness. To start your journey attend a Shiv Yog Intro program at a location nearest to you.

We are used to upgrading the software on every piece of equipment we have but we never upgrade the software of the most powerful machine on earth – the human organism. We never upgrade our own body and mind. As a result most human beings are content to lead lives based on scripts that came pre-loaded with their machines. Shiv Yog can help you rewrite the script of your life and help you achieve that which your heart truly seeks. Don’t be stuck with obsolete software. Upgrade the software of your life now!


Shiv Yog offers a complete program for transforming all aspects of your life. Our ancients had given a lot of thought to every aspect of the life of a human being and her relationship with nature. They had designed a lifestyle that kept us in harmony with everything around us. To return to that state of balance, we have to redesign our lifestyle. And that is what Shiv Yog offers – a complete, holistic program to redesign your life. If you wish to experience that fullness of life and lasting happiness that is your birthright, take the first step now and attend a Shiv Yog program at a location nearest to you. Read More


Shiv Yog forums are weekly gatherings of small groups of committed Shiv Yogis who come together to pray collectively, share positive ideas and emotions, sing and chant together, meditate and perform selfless service. Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand, the founder of Shiv Yog, conceived and created these forums as a way to help people all over the world to experience more positivity and happiness in their lives. Shiv Yog forums are quietly bringing about a revolution in the world and working weekly to improve the lives of thousands of human beings. Become part of a worldwide movement – join a forum now. Read More

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