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Shiv Yog Cosmic Farming is the first ever farming methodology based on nourishment of crops through cosmic energy. The project rippled across the entire globe producing hitherto unimaginable results for millions of farmers across the globe. This is Dr. Shivanand’s major contribution to humankind.   After close to two decades of teaching millions of empowering people across the globe he decided to turn his attention to the plight of the farmers. It is now time to spread this knowledge across the world for the benefit of all farmers regardless of nationality and ethnicity.

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Shiv Yog cosmic farming is the first of its nature that implements a methodological process of nourishing crops through cosmic energy. It is one of the major contributions of Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand to humankind. After almost two decades of empowering people around the globe, Dr. Shivanand decided to turn his attention to the plight of the farmers. The project rippled across the globe like a wildfire, producing unimaginable results for farmers worldwide. The knowledge of cosmic farming and the benefits of cosmic farming is now being rolled out worldwide for every farmer, regardless of their ethnicity and nationality.

Shiv Yog farming promotes new-age healing for foods and crops. Thousands of farmers use cosmic farming for sustainable horticulture today. Opting for the cosmic organic farm has made them achieve extraordinary results with farming. Farmers have reported not just excellent results on crops but admitted that cosmic farm enabled them to get the best result out of their soil, cattle, and families. Shiv Yog cosmic farm project is completely free and does not incur any cost. The sole purpose of this project is to connect with the divine power of mother nature that brings forth endless benefits. As with Shiv Yog farming the requirements for artificial chemicals and pesticides have reduced, and farmers are also able to save their bodies from the ill effects of such chemicals. The cosmic organic farm service also helps with providing the world with more nectar food that is rich in prana or life-giving force. Cosmic farming for sustainable horticulture production flourishes even more, as it magnifies the fertility of plants and fruits have become juicier, tastier, and full of life-force energy. It has also helped in reviving endangered species responsible for pollination, like bees, butterflies, and birds. The lactation period of cows has been noticed to increase. Thus, the fertility rate in cows has increased and made them able to produce better quality milk in larger quantities. Some of the prime benefits of cosmic farming are:

  • 2-8 times increase in a crop yielding
  • Soil fertility increase
  • Minimum to almost zero use of harmful artificial fertilizers and pesticides
  • Improved health of farmers and cattle
  • Improved quality and quantity of cow’s milk
  • A rise in water tables noticed
  • Free of cost farming service
  • Cost-cutting in overall farming experience

With the presence of Shiv Yog cosmic farming, divine nectar food full of energy can be provided to the nation. The scientific work backing up Shiv Yog farming claims to have helped farmers to multiply yields and reduce their dependence on pesticides and fertilizers among many other benefits. Find all the benefits and the detailed process on the Shiv Yog Farming website.

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