Dr. Avdhoot Shivanandji wants the best for his disciples and has chosen the most powerful mantras to chant from Swadhyay. With it, he enlightens the seekers that it is not that you are worshipping someone outside. It is the God within you that you worshipping. By bowing to the divinity within again and again, you are indirectly acquiring the qualities of humbleness and modesty.

The purpose of Swadhyay is best understood in the term itself. Swadhyay is made of two terms. ‘Swa’means self while ‘Adhyay’ is a derivative of the word ‘Adhyayan’ meaning evaluation. So Swadhyay means self evaluation. It is easy to evaluate others but the gist of true spiritual practice is self study or self introspection, which is nothing but examining one’s own self for the bad qualities, if any, exist within us. When we undertake the chants of the Swadhyay, what we do is reach closer to our real inner self. As this happens, we get a reality check of what we are and where we ought to be morally, spiritually and ethically. – Dr. Avdhoot Shivanandji

In addition to healing all the five bodies and curing all the ailments, the Swadhyay chants help raise the overall vibrations of an individual, which leads him to attract only the best from the universe. Every seeker has the goal to attain spiritual realization. This can be achieved only when there is tattwa shuddhi (purity of all the five elements within us). Shiv Yog Swadhyay goes a step further by purifying even the two subtle elements – Guru tattwa and Param Tattwa.

If done regularly, the chanting of Swadhyay rids the sadhak’s house of negativity. Chanting Namah Shivaya loudly aides and expedites ‘Panch Tatwa Shuddi’, the purification of five elements within our body.

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