Advait Sri Vidya Sadhna Mauritius
Advait Sri Vidya Sadhna Mauritius

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Advait Sri Vidya Sadhna

Advait Sri Vidya Sadhna Mauritius


Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand


June 7th to  June 9th 2019



Advait Sri Vidya Sadhna In Mauritius

In The Physical Presence Of Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand

The most sacred, the most secret, the most powerful, the most beneficial, the most respected, the most ancient, the most blessed, the most coveted, the most esoteric, the most blissful meditation in the universe

5 key benefits of learning and practising Advait Sri Vidya:

  • Significantly improved family life and relationships
  • Worldly and professional success
  • Increase in material wealth and abundance
  • Mental peace and tranquillity – a sense of deep contentment
  • Rapid dissolution of psychic impressions and speedy spiritual growth
Advait Sri Vidya Sadhna Mauritius

Self realization is not something outside that we have to attain. It is within us. The soul was born as the all knowing entity. It’s just that being in the grip of the five senses and the mind in the human body that we forget who we really are and where we really are supposed to reach. 

~ Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand

Dr. Shivanand talks about What is Advait Sri Vidya?

“Sri” means wealth and “Vidya” is Knowledge. “Advait” means non-duality. Thus, Advait Sri Vidya is the science of achieving immense material and spiritual wealth by becoming one with the very source of creation. This science was kept secret as it is extremely powerful. It was practised by all the great siddhas of ancient India. Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand, a modern day siddha, is now unfolding this powerful science for the benefit of the entire humanity.

How to prepare for the Advait Sri Vidya shivir:

  • Join a Shiv Yog forum if you are not already a member
  • Attend a “Prati Prasav sadhna” shivir if possible
  • Attend as many “Deep Healing” Sadhnas and online shivirs as possible
  • Learn and practice “Sukshma Kriyas” and “Prana Kriyas” every day
  • Practice eating a diet containing as much raw food as possible

You can learn more about Shiv Yog and Advait Sri Vidya here:

Event Details


Event Name:

Advait Sri Vidya Sadhna

Venue Address :

Grand Bassin,
near the Pratima of Maa Durga,


Event Date & Time:

June 7 Friday 6:30pm to 9:30pm
June 8 Saturday 8am to 2pm
June 9 Sunday 8am to 2pm

Helpline Contact: 

+230 59022977 / +230 52587070

+230 52577885 / +230 59451666


Helpline Email ID :

Advait Sri Vidya Sadhna In Mauritius

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