Advait Sri Vidya Sadhna Explained

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Almost everyone can relate to the experience of planning a road trip. One of the important aspects of planning a road trip is picking the right vehicle for the trip.

The choice of the vehicle for the trip depends on the following factors:

  • The destination – whether you are headed to Las Vegas or Yellow Stone National Park
  • The distance you need to travel – whether its 100 miles or a 1000 miles
  • The number of travelers – whether you will be driving solo or taking family or friends
  • And finally, how soon you wish to get there

So, based on the above factors you will choose a vehicle. Three important specifications will need to be considered:

  • The Body of the Vehicle
  • The Engine
  • The Fuel Capacity

This will translate into a hatchback, a sedan, a 4×4, a SUV or a cross-over. Anyway, you will choose a vehicle that can get you where you need to go while meeting all your requirements. Lets assume that budget is not a constraint.

Now, take your own life and life goals. If you think of your life as a long road trip and your ultimate life goal as a destination, then you would need the right kind of vehicle for this journey as well.

And the considerations would be the similar:

  • The Body – Your Physical Body, its health and stamina
  • The Engine – Your mind / Your state of consciousness
  • The fuel capacity – The sum total of physical, mental and emotional energy (shakti) needed

While in the case of a road trip, you can easily go to a rental car company and get the car of your choice, in the case of your life journey its not so easy. Many people find that there is a gross mismatch between the magnitude of their goals and the vehicle they have to achieve those goals. As a result they feel limited, finite and unable to evolve the vehicle to meet the requirements of their goals.

The ancient Shiv Yog masters of India it turns out, studied this problem in great depth and developed a very elaborate system of practices to help one achieve their goals (as long as the goals are in the best interest of the world/society).

They discovered the geometric pattern of creation of nature. The cosmic geometry. And they also discovered that in order to become a creator in this universe, a human being has to align himself with this cosmic geometry.

They found that the geometric pattern of creation in the universe translated into a figure known as a “Sri Yantra” which is created by the intersection of four upward facing triangles and five downward facing triangles. If one were to map out the creation pattern of an average human being who is struggling to fulfill his life goals, they would find a geometric pattern that is scattered. However, if the same person can transform his creation pattern to match that of a Sri Yantra he would be able to achieve his goals easily.

Let us understand this further.

In order to help human beings achieve this alignment with cosmic geometry the ancient Shiv Yogi masters came up with a system which has three components:

  • A Yantra – which is not only a representation of that cosmic geometry but also something through which one can access that cosmic energy
  • A Mantra – Which is the key to unlock the associated Yantra
  • Tantra – Which is the process or method to align oneself to the cosmic geometry using the yantra and the mantra

This system developed and perfected by the Shiv Yogi masters is called Advait Sri Vidya. The word “Sri” literally means wealth. However, here it does not refer to material wealth alone. Its meaning covers wealth of all kinds – worldly and spiritual. The “Vidya” refers to knowledge or an entire body of knowledge. And “Advait” is non-duality. Put together, Advait Sri Vidya is actually a path, a yogic science for achieving all your material and spiritual goals. This is the Yoga of Inner Consciousness.

Whether you are a student, a housewife, a CEO or the president of a country, everyone is trying to achieve goals and also in achieving them they are trying to find happiness. Often, individuals are not able to achieve their goals and also achievement of those goals does not necessarily lead to happiness.

But, why do some individuals find it so hard to achieve their goals and find happiness and satisfaction? What are the roadblocks? Shiv Yog says, this is because the vehicle you have is not adequate to meet the requirements of your goals. The root cause for this is the accumulated negative psychic impressions* that are stored in your subtle bodies**.

So, what is the solution? Shiv Yog says do not throw up your hands and cry that you do not have the vehicle you need to achieve your goals. Instead become a creator of your own destiny. And through Sri Vidya it is possible to transform the vehicle you have into the vehicle you need to achieve your goals.

To be more specific,


Transform the Body Your Physical Body, its health and stamina


Sookshma Kriyas***, Prana Kriyas****
Transform the Engine Your mind / Your state of consciousness


Shiv Yog Mindfulness Programs
Expand the Fuel Capacity The sum total of physical, mental and emotional energy (shakti) needed


The Yoga of Inner Consciousness

There are many schools of knowledge and many paths taught by many masters in this world which want to help human beings in their life journey. So, one might ask what is so special about Advait Sri Vidya and why should I learn it.


First let’s clear some things about Advait Sri Vidya. When you become a Advait Sri Vidya practitioner:

  • You do not have to give up desires – in fact you work on rapidly fulfilling your desires
  • You do not have to renounce the world – in fact you will experience the best of the best that the world has to offer
  • You do not have to renounce your family – in fact, your family is your best friend on this journey and all the great Shiv Yogi masters were householders
  • You do not have to give up your business or your career – in fact everything gets better on the career front
  • You do not have to go and live in a mountain retreat – in fact the very place where you live and work begins to feel like a retreat

Advait Sri Vidya can help you build the right vehicle to help you achieve your desires and life goals – both material and spiritual –

  • Advait Sri Vidya helps you achieve worldly as well as spiritual goals while living happily with family
  • As you achieve your worldly goals, you also simultaneously achieve spiritual growth
  • You achieve a complete 360 degree transformation of your life
  • You are able to rapidly dissolve the accumulated negative psychic impressions and open yourself up to receiving more of the cosmic energy
  • As you get more and more aligned with the cosmic geometry, you are able to create the life you always dreamed about
  • You get more clarity about your life goals and your true purpose in life
  • You become happier and more blissful in general – your happiness is now not dependent on external achievements although the achievements are coming more easily now

Dr. Shivanand says, to be consistently successful and to achieve your worldly goals without getting lost in the mire of desires, one has to vibrate at a higher frequency than the goal you are chasing. And that is what Advait Sri Vidya helps you to do. Advait Sri Vidya purifies an individual from the inside and raises his or her vibrations to such a high level that material and spiritual wealth flows in easily and effortlessly. However, the practitioner remains calm and humble in spite of all the success and progresses rapidly towards self-realization under the divine guidance of his master.

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  • Sujata misra

    Me and my husband have done shree vidya level 1 and 2 in 2012 .now we want to do level 3…
    How to proceed..please guide.

  • Sujata misra

    Me and my husband dod shreevidya level1 and 2 in 2012 at chhatarpur we want to do level 3.
    How to proceed.please guide.

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Advait Sri Vidya Sadhna Explained
Advait Sri Vidya Sadhna Explained