Simple and powerful principles of Shiv Yog for profound change

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Simple and powerful principles of Shiv Yog for profound change

  • Like many good things, mistakes also become a part of our day to day life. We should know how to combat them with simple and easy to follow truths of life to bring the desired change.
  • Gnani is the one who is experienced the wisdom.
  • Never Judge any person.
  • Every human being is acting according to his soul agenda. Accept everyone the way they are. Never criticise. Because it is the God’s creation. Accept them with unconditional love.
  • You are what you are, he is what he is.
  • We humans are not happy with many things. We have problem for everything. We complain about somebody.
  • Lack of Love is origin of every disease.
  • Don’t try to change everyone. Bring a change in yourself every day.
  • If you want to progress in life, then compete only with your own self.
  • Every day ask yourself, have I improved myself? Have I generated Unconditional love more than yesterday? Have I accepted everybody with unconditional love more than yesterday?, Have I grown spiritually more than yesterday?
  • Set your own standards for yourself
  • Remember in ShivYog Never complain but create. You can create with Unconditional love.
  • If Unconditional love is missing, you are stuck.
  • Feel your loved ones are hardworking, they are behaving sweetly and wonderful. Send sanjeevini.
  • If anyone is wasting his/her time in WHY’s then they will be caught up in the WHY’s. They can’t move further.
  • Tum chahte kya ho. Set your own standards.
  • Forgive everyone and send unconditional love for everyone.
  • Start your Gratitude from your heart not from brain.
  • Offer gratitude towards your parents, husband/wife, guru or someone with whom you have spent time in your life. Offer gratitude to your children.
  • A blessed person is the one who has offered more gratitude. A person who always complains will always fail in the life. It is the rule of nature.
  • Out of the two dualities you need to pickup only one. So pick up the best.
  • The present is because of your past karma.
  • Shift from past emotions, feelings and thoughts. Bring more and more purity in this life.
  • Learn to connect to the self. Because self is the richest source to the power. Self is shiva. Answer lies within you. Solution lies within you. It’s not outside. You are 100% responsible for your life.
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Simple and powerful principles of Shiv Yog for profound change
Simple and powerful principles of Shiv Yog for profound change