Purify yourself on the inside to achieve success

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Most people make sure to shower every day. Some people even several times a day. But, this only cleans the body. As we go through each day, we pick up a lot of dirt and filth through negative words, thoughts, emotions and actions. As days, months and years pass this dirt keeps on building up on the inside as negative psychic impressions.

“Clean yourself from the inside. Purify yourself. Whatever you see around you is not the truth. It is just the reflection of your sub-conscious belief. It is like you are the projector. Whatever is going on inside you is being reflected on the outside. So the need is not to indulge in blame games with regard to your misery. You have 100% responsibility for whatever is happening in your life.”

There is infinite potential in every human being to excel in any desired field. Through the invocation of the cosmic energy and connecting with it, we can tap into our unused mind potential. For animals 100% of their energy needs are met by air, food and water. For human beings, these three things only covers 30% of their energy needs. The remaining 70% of their energy needs is met by cosmic energy. Energy centers in the body called chakras are responsible for absorbing this cosmic energy. If these energy centers are blocked, then the body is not getting adequate cosmic energy.

Imagine the human body as car that runs on two tanks. One is the food, water and air tank. The other is the cosmic energy tank. A lot human beings are running with their second tank almost empty or only half-full. While so much attention is focused on the quality and quantity of food, water and air, almost no attention is paid to the second tank.

Shiv Yog meditation and yogic practices combined with the Shiv Yog lifestyle help to keep the energy centers of the body clean and effective. As a result you have plenty of fuel in both your tanks. Imagine how much more you could achieve with all that extra energy. Moreover, the energy of the first tank is useful for the upkeep of the body’s operations. The cosmic energy in the second tank helps you heal your body, relationships and the circumstances of your life. It also helps you to create the life you want.

I do not have any goals for myself but have the highest goals for every human being on earth. I want all human beings on earth to achieve their true potential in terms of worldly achievements and simultaneously achieve self-realization in this life itself. I invite you to start your Shiv Yog journey without delay if you have not already. From mindfulness to inner consciousness to self-realization. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

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