Do not try to activate the Kundalini yourself

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“Many people, both knowledgeable and the not so knowledgeable, have written reams of literature on what happens when Kundalini rises. Some say it is very dreadful. Others say it is too much fear. Some others say there is too much crying. A few also contend that there is unending laughter. What is the truth then? The truth is realized only when you do the Kundalini Sadhna in the presence of the Guru when through his Yog Shakti, he activates the seekers with Shaktipat. At the time of the rising of the Kundalini, it is the adverse emotions buried in you, controlling your thoughts & reactions, which come to the surface and thus the experience of feelings of fear and other dreadful emotions.”

“Do not try to activate the Kundalini by yourself. It is like playing with fire. Kundalini activation Sadhna must be done only in the presence of the Guru otherwise the fierce and fiery serpent force will go haywire. Guru gives the direction, the manoeuvre to the consciousness. He navigates and facilitates the path of the Kundalini rise so that any resistance to the ascension process is negated. He channelizes the consciousness in the right direction. The beginning of one’s journey to self realization is the most difficult. And I will make sure that it becomes the easiest part. I will supervise the unwinding process.”

“Awakening is granted only to the initiated one, the wise one. The ignorant gets only descension. Even in Shiv Mahapuran it is mentioned that till Sati became Parvati the purest consciousness through meditation, she was not granted the status of being the consort of the Supreme Lord Shiva. This is symbolic of the fact that till a seeker doesn’t perform penance and purify himself, the Kundalini Shakti in the Mooladhar can’t merge with Shiva in the Sahasrara chakra. Only when one rises above Gunas does he reach the state of Shivoham.”

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Do not try to activate the Kundalini yourself
Do not try to activate the Kundalini yourself