You are what you eat!

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You are what you eat.

Dr. Avdhoot Shivanandji preaches that food is one of the main causes of health issues. There has been a drastic change in not only people’s eating habits but also the process of cultivating food.

People who eat burgers and pizzas are definitely unhealthy but why are people eating roti and curry suffering? The answer to this is that our farmers forgot the organic way of farming. The use of pesticides and chemicals to yield more is making tomatoes taste like pumpkins. So, Shiv Yog is running campaign where they teach farmers the importance of organic farming.


Dr. Avdhoot Shivanandji maintains that you should eat before sunset. There should be 3-4 hours gap between dinner and going to bed.


Raw food is key to detoxification. Eat the food when it has life in it. Raw food has life for 15 days but cooked food has it for just an hour or two. Once the life is gone, it starts decomposing and it’s not good for an individual’s health. Freezers will stop micro- organisms from growing but food will also lack Tej (Flare of the food). If you have Tej in you, you’ll be less prone to diseases. Eat good food and drink lots of water to keep yourself healthy. Try to eat fruits and raw vegetables as well.


Sadhna is a process of purification for inner body and detoxification for physical body. Fasting is given lots of importance in India. It means to reside with God. Fasting is not keeping your stomach empty, it means you should be connected to God on every level, that is on the level of Sthul Sharir(Physical Body), Pran Sharir(Energy Body), Maan Sharir(Mind Body), Gyan Sharir(Causal Body) and Anand Maya Kosha(Super Causal Body). You should fast at least once a week. This is how you detoxify your body, mind and soul. You should have raw foods while fasting.


We have to be very health conscious. Food affects our body immensely and we need to detoxify our body by dedicating an entire day to yourself. Detoxifying yourself physically, mentally, ethnically and spiritually is vital for spiritual progress.

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You are what you eat!
You are what you eat!