Be always in a state of gratitude to connect with the divine

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Being in gratitude is to allow your creation to bloom.

A person with gratitude will seek. But, a person with ingratitude will complain. Gratitude helps you to create a positive and focused energy, whereas, ingratitude or dissatisfaction creates negative and disturbed energy.

As a Shiv Yog sadhak(Practitioner) one should learn to be calm. Calmness brings you closer to God. When you are calm the Panch Vikhara(Five Thieves/ Deforms) i.e. Kaam (Lust), Krodh (Anger), Lobh (Infatuation), Moha (Greed), Ahamkara (Ego) will not bother you. But how can you become calm? The answer is Santusti (Satisfaction). Here Satisfaction means feeling gratitude towards whatever you have achieved.

Relax and visualize what you have. And whatever you have, offer gratitude to the divinity. When you are not calm, you show no gratitude towards what you have and visualize about what you don’t have! You invite complains and hatred will prevail towards the provider.

Brahma mentioned that some person meditated on Lord Shiva and when Lord Shiva asked him,” What is it that you want”? He asked Lord Shiva to grant him a wish that whenever he needs anything he will think of Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva will come and fulfil his wish immediately (Thinking that he will get unlimited wishes fulfilled). Lord Shiva agreed, provided whatever he wishes to seek, its double will be granted to his neighbour. So, whatever fancy things he wished for, double was granted to his neighbour.  He realised that he is becoming unhappy. He started asking for curses like: take away my one leg, so that the neighbour too suffers but double.

Moral is, you should have pure consciousness, otherwise you will always think of hurting yourself and others.

You should calm yourself.  When you are at peace you are one with God. Law of nature provides everything to man in one life and if he/ she is grateful, they will be closer to God. You own 100% responsibility to whatever has happened to you. So you should show gratitude towards whatever you achieve.

When you practice the art of gratitude, the energy enhances, the atom starts vibrating at a very high frequency. Every action you do, your intention should be pure and you should feel gratitude towards whatever you have achieved.

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Be always in a state of gratitude to connect with the divine
Be always in a state of gratitude to connect with the divine