Be a student always

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“Take up karate, take up piano, improve hand-eye coordination, develop brain, boost concentration and ascend with flying colours. There is infinite inherent within you dear children. You have the power to enhance your brain power to the extent that whatever you study, you can recall I ‘m the exam. You will know the answers to all questions.

Do you know children, that you can pre-decide your exam results? You have so much latent power waiting to be explored within you? And do you know that currently you’re using only 3-4% of your abilities? Rest 95% is lying untapped. So how to activate them is why I ‘ve come here to teach you.

I want to tell you all that through shiv yog you can become super children like superman. But for that you will have to balance your body. And how will you do that? By activating your left & right brain. I expect many of you might be practicing martial arts, playing piano or football. Let me tell you, any activity you do using both your hands simultaneously, you activate your brain very strongly. If you are feeling a lack of focus in studies, do engage in these activities. You will feel the change.

The key to success in student life is all about focus added with a copious amount of blessing. Focus as I said can be developed by practicing skills which work on honing the neuro-motor region of the brain. And the second aspect, that is blessing is what you receive when you offer gratitude. You must pay gratitude to your parents, your teachers, your elders every day. Hug your parents, touch their feet. Show the appreciation for the humongous amount of effort they put in for you in every way to make you feel happy & satisfied.

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Be a student always
Be a student always