Accept yourself, have faith in your abilities

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You’re the son of a creator. You’re not required to be dependent on others. Accept yourself, have faith in your abilities. Set goals in your life. And not superficial and unrealistic goals. Your goals should be written in a visualization language. Write what you can feel. And then put the energy of your five bodies into manifesting that goal. Channelize the energy of your physical body towards creation of your goal. Then put the life force energy (prana) from your emotional body into your goal, make its vibrations higher. Then go a notch higher by involving the Astral Body, the vibrational realm and the wisdom from the Wisdom Sheath. But not to forget the involvement of the Bliss Sheath for materialization of your goal. Integrate your cumulative body vibrations with the God (infinite) vibrations in the form of the Mantra and Shakti (creative power) that I have given you in Advait Sri Vidya Sadhna.

“Keep your actions and intentions pure at all times. Without Shuddh Bhavna (Pure intention) and Shuddh Karma (pure action), you cannot expect materialization of your life script as you like it to be. You have to pay the price.”

“Shiv Yog gives you the Shakti (creative power) to handle every situation, to create the life of your seeking. But let me tell you Shiv Yog will not support your impure or mala fide intentions. It can’t be that you hijack the possession of others and profess to call it yours. The Master will not come rescuing when you have committed major sin and are then seeking solace. The Master has come to uplift you, to teach you the way of life which will lead you to self-realization. The Master isn’t your accomplice in dirty deeds. He has rather, come to make you rise above the muck.”


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Accept yourself, have faith in your abilities
Accept yourself, have faith in your abilities