Do your duty but do not worry about the results

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“My daughter told me how when once she was performing yagya, some rice fell off from her hands to the floor. And in no time a steady stream of ants gathered around the fallen grains and with clockwork precision, picked and transported one grain at a time such that by the time the yagya was done with, there was no rice on the floor.

Out of curiosity, Geetanjali traced the ants to their nest. She was amazed to see a hole in the ground and beside the hole a pile of rice which had fallen on the ground during the yagya was conspciuous.

This is how we must all be. So many grains of rice, the ants gathered in a pile near the ant nest with so much effort and persistence. In life we too must go on with our efforts relentlessly and unconditionally. We must not worry about the outcome of our efforts. Shiv Yogis must keep paying the price and be assured in the knowledge that one day the results will come.

Second characteristic I want Shiv Yogis to incorporate in their lives is nurturing faith in the self. Devotion, belief, enthusiasm and dedication must be there to one’s own self. Without that, there can never be success. There will always be lack of confidence confidence and despite so much potential, we will remain a sleeping tiger with laziness spelling our doom.

The third thing I want all Shiv Yogis to embrace is to express happiness when meeting and greeting their family members. Most of us don’t even pay attention to the existence of family members in our life. I want this to change. I want vibrant relationships – greeting with warmth, with enthusiasm and with energy and power.

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Do your duty but do not worry about the results
Do your duty but do not worry about the results