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The mind, the body, and consciousness are all distinct entities. The intellect and body are constrained by their physical nature, whereas consciousness is all-encompassing. Consciousness is supposed to be the light that radiates from within the body.

This is sometimes referred to as our soul or higher self. Meditation is a tool that can help us contact our higher self — our soul self (atman), also known as our pure conscious state — more efficiently. Thus, there are numerous uses of meditation.

It’s critical to recognize that humans can comprehend reality beyond the physical. This concept alone broadens our knowledge beyond the ego and into the eternal nature of consciousness. We can test this hypothesis through pratyahara if we understand that atman is beyond mind and body (i.e., cutting off our senses).

When we limit our senses, such as by closing our eyes or filtering out sound, we essentially deprive the mind of information. Even when the mind is empty, we are conscious and aware, demonstrating that consciousness and the mind are distinct. This state is known as Samadhi, and yogis spend their entire lives attempting to maintain it.

Reaching Our Collective Power

Even 10 minutes a day spent in samadhi is exceptionally beneficial to one’s mental health. We live in a world where our productivity determines our worth. This constant doing can exhaust us and make us feel estranged from our genuine selves.

We return to our centre, can rest properly, and recall that we are not our work, ego, or even our minds when we sit in meditation. We’re just lovely, endless watchers of reality. Samadhi can also have a good impact on our interpersonal connections.

When we engage with the world more attentively, we’re in a state of awareness. Mindful living is the discipline of living in a state of samadhi throughout our daily life. This state allows us to make decisions based on love, rationality, and patience, rather than those made with our minds based on impatience or transient emotions that skew our judgment.

According to yoga, the Divine is the source of all of our consciousness. When we notice the collective mind, we can see this. The ShivYog cosmic healing meditation might help humanity come together if everyone practiced it to access consciousness.

Have you ever thought about someone and received a call a few minutes later? Did you know that some inventions, including the wheel, were produced around the same time in different parts of the world – before humans could interact with others thousands of miles away?

These examples demonstrate that we are all more related than we believe or act and that this is because we are all linked by the divine awareness thread and that meditation indeed has several benefits.

How To Achieve Consciousness Through Meditation

ShivYog healing meditation prevents stress from entering the system and releases tension already built up. A higher, cosmic state of consciousness emerges within you when you integrate meditation into your daily life. Cosmic consciousness considers the entire cosmos part of one’s self.

Then love flows between ourselves and the rest of the world, giving us the strength to overcome opposing forces and disruptions. Angry feelings and disappointments fade away. Here’s a five-step meditation to access the consciousness that you can conduct at home:

  • Take a seat in a quiet area. Sit tall, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 4 seconds, and then exhale for 8 seconds. Are you feeling a little sluggish in your seat?
  • Take note of your thoughts. Please note how it’s always looking, thinking, and digesting. Somewhat of attempting to silence your mind, observe it for what it is. We will not punish your reason for doing its job, which is to think.
  • Become curious about who is paying attention to your thoughts. It is distinct from the conversation and opinions. Take note of how quiet that area is. Take note of how steady and consistent the space behind, or even above, your mind is. Check to see if you can shift from your thinking to this peaceful observing place.
  • Once you’ve established yourself in the silent zone, check if you can spread it beyond your body and thoughts. Perhaps you’ve noticed that you can look down on your body and see the room around it even when your eyes are closed. You’re broadening your horizons.
  • Extend your awareness as far as you can. Is it possible for you to feel 10 feet apart from your body? Is it possible to hear 30 feet outside your room? Are you able to look into space? Because your actual self, your atman, is infinite, you can access everything you desire.

This is a regular occurrence during the process. It’s okay if you can’t complete all five steps first. Continue to be kind to yourself, and try the next day again. The more you practice, the less complicated it will become.

The ShivYog healing dhyan is a true cure for our exhausted minds and bodies in this chaotic world because the soul never tires and is eternal. To make the most of it, join the closest ShivYog healing centre.

Namah Shivay!

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