First understand that you are the scriptwriter of your life!

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Shiv Yog is the process of redefining yourself and the purpose and process of your existence, rediscovering your real self – not as a diseased individual, not as a miserable person, not as a hopeless being but as an infinite, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent force, capable of achieving everything in the mortal and immortal realms.

The finite will have ups and downs, highs and lows, successes and failures, health & disease – a polar existence as it were. It is a dual world on this finite plane. Whereas, you really are the eternal one, full of absolute bliss and the complete knowledge of the ultimate truth. The purpose of your birth is to experience this true form of yourself. And when you attain the state of Shiv Yog where you realize your true potential, you learn to live a 200% life.

Unwanted incidents and sorrow come in our lives when we commit mistakes but instead of owning sole ownership of the wrongdoing, we point the finger elsewhere. First understand that you are the creator of your own destiny. You are 100% responsible for everything that is happening in your life. And the pain and recurring troubles are because of your state of disconnection with the higher energy, with the cosmic mind that is immanent within your higher self.

However, once this connection is re-established through Shiv Yog meditation and yogic practices and the holistic Shiv Yog lifestyle the cosmic energy flows abundantly in your body and in your life. Health, balance and pleasant circumstances become your normal state of being. This should be your top priority in life.

If you are ready to seize this moment to start the process of claiming everything that is your birthright from the universe, join a Shiv Yog forum right now and start your journey of transformation.

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First understand that you are the scriptwriter of your life!
First understand that you are the scriptwriter of your life!